Theft and Fraud Prevention Package

Bundled Services

Our theft and fraud prevention package brings all our audit programs together to work synergistically within your organization to provide the maximum level of service to your company operations.

This service provides an organized, systematic approach to theft deterrence. Each element works in conjunction with the other elements to raise the theft deterrent level. Consistently applied over time, this service communicates your zero-tolerance policy for theft and fraud.*

Theft and Fraud Prevention Package

What’s included in our package?

  1. Fraud Risk Assessments
  2. Contractor Risk Assessments
  3. Contractor Camera Audits or Production Audits
  4. Timber Security Hotline
  5. Independent Investigation
  6. Educational Services
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Demonstrate your zero-tolerance policy

*Disclaimer: No system is foolproof, all systems can be defeated by the determined crook.