Timber Security Hotline

A robust timber security hotline enables any organization to gather tips from the supply chain and create an effective “neighborhood watch” system in regional timberland operations.

A recent report published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (2018 Report to the Nation) found that over 40% of all frauds are caught by a tip to a fraud hotline and catching the frauds earlier cut the losses per scheme significantly. The report cited that this decrease in losses occurred because theft and fraud was detected earlier by using an anonymous hotline.

Preventing Timber Theft

With a timber security hotline in place, whenever a contractor comes across suspicious activity, they can instantly communicate to a neutral third party who will evaluate the call details and assist the company in quickly taking the appropriate action. This enables the concerned authorities to take immediate action and increase the chances of the perpetrators being caught, thereby, reducing the risk of financial loss for the company.

And when regional operations have multiple logging crews working, each with access to the timber security hotline, the theft deterrence level of the entire operation is greatly enhanced.

Preventing Timber Theft

Timber Security Services

Having a Timber Security Hotline is like having a neighborhood watch program working 24/7 to protect your assets.

Reduce Timber Theft

Reduce your timber theft and get started with securing your organization against fraud and theft. Looking for a robust, reliable and an easy-to-use solution for setting up a timber security hotline for your company? Get in touch with Dendro Resource Management Inc. today and one of our experts will be there to assist you!

Timber Security Services


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