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Timber Theft as a Global Problem

I read an interesting article recently that reminded me that forestry theft isn’t confined to the United States. It seems wherever there is a market for timber and wood products there’s the potential for legitimate business as well as for thieves and shysters.

The report was written and edited by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) based out of London with the financial assistance of UKaid, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and the JMG Foundation.

The problems expressed in this article focused on rare woods, especially teak from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Rare woods are most tempting to steal because perpetrators can make good money with just the sale of a few trees. Theft becomes even more tempting when there is the possibility of illegal sales of a large number of rare trees sold on a world-wide market.

For the complete article go to   Mar 2019 — Timber Theft as a Global Problem

Photo by Anthony Tuil on Unsplash