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FRA Timber Security Webinar

Aaron Gilland, CFE, ACF, founder and President of Dendro Resource Management was one of the panelists for a timber security webinar presented by Forest Resources Association. The first presenter and co-panelist was Jeff Maynard, a Security Specialist at International Paper.

The webinar covered the basics of timber security. As noted on the FRA website, “This presentation included reviewing the basics every forester, wood buyer, and wood supply chain manager should know about preventing fraud and theft related to timber transactions and other timber security-related issues. Both presentations are an excellent training tool for entry-level natural resource professionals and a good review for experienced foresters and wood supply chain managers.”

Jeff Maynard, who was the first presenter during this webinar covered, “Elements of a Successful Timber Security Program.”

Aaron Gilland covered “Ten Things Everyone Needs to Know About Timber Security” and was the second presenter.