Process Review And Trend Analysis

An overview of the operations of any forest industry company to identify weak business controls. Once identified weak controls can be changed or enhanced to become strong business controls that limit theft and fraud within any organization.

Business process review and trend analysis are the tools used to analyze the operations and eliminate any red flag issues. Dendro Resource Management, Inc. provides risk assessment service to timber companies using its strong operational background and 28 years experience in the industry.

Risk Assessment Procedure

This involves assessment of the business control structure of the forestry companies operations. For the timberland investment organizations it involves sampling and evaluating the timber security system being used, testing the system to make sure it is effective and then recommending ways to enhance the business control environment to prevent theft and fraud throughout the TIMO’s operations. Or if required developing a timber security system from scratch.

For sawmills and paper mills it again involves reviewing the business control environment in the fiber supply chain, wood scaling procedures and inventory procedures. This involves testing the current control environment, observing current operations to assess the business control environment and then enhancing the business controls to prevent theft and fraud from occurring.

Risk Assessment Procedure

How can a risk assessment help?

With years of experience working in the forest audit service industry, our team of experts is well-versed with all aspects of forest operations. So, whether your company is looking for simple guidance on how to secure the forest assets, advice on how to improve business processes to minimize risk or full-fledged assistance in devising and implementing a secure supply chain, Dendro Resource Management Inc. is capable of handling it all.

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How Can a Risk Assessment Help


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