Is Timber Theft Really a Problem?

Is Timber Theft Really a Problem?

As the new year gets fully underway, and we begin implementing the plans we have made for the year to come, I wanted to revisit a basic question that seems to keep popping up as I travel around the country and meet with foresters and other timber industry professionals at their businesses and in conferences. Just recently, at an industry conference, I was faced with the question once more, “Is timber theft really a problem?”

The question has many variations. Some, will state they know all the players in the local procurement game and if theft happened they would know it. Some argue that timber security is only a southern forestry problem. Others don’t see timber security as a problem at all because they feel they have great controls in place to protect themselves. My personal favorite goes something like this, “We don’t have to worry about fraud or theft because we know and trust our people and have for many years.” I have seen so many examples of “trustworthy” employees who betray that trust when their personal lives get tough and they can rationalize their behavior. Regardless of the format, the underlying question remains the same as they ask, “Why should I even worry about theft and fraud? It will never happen to me.”

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