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DRM is committed to supporting the integrity of the forest industry through active fraud prevention, early detection and effective resolution strategies that work synergistically to bolster your company’s timber security program. DRM provides state-of-the-art timber security services, theft assessments, trespass investigations, and operational audits.

DRM professionals combine over 75 years of forest industry and timber security experience as well as extensive training in timber security and Fraud Examiner Certification. DRM brings an independent, professional and confidential third party perspective that can be applied to customized programs to meet specific company needs.


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Risk Assesments

Risk Assesments

Dendro Resource Management provides operational risk assessment to decrease the chances of fraud and supplement effective management strategies.

Oversight Auditing

Oversight Auditing

DRM provides oversight auditing of pension funds invested in timberlands to provide you the independent assurance that the funds fiduciary responsibilities are being actively met.

Timber Security

Timber Security

Timber security assessments systems are specifically designed for your company. Dendro Resource Management also performs testing on your current tim...

Forestry Audit Services

Our Audit Services are used by sawmills, paper mills, wood procurement teams, forestry consultants and timberland investment organizations. Each service is designed to enhance and support your company’s theft and fraud stance. To do so, we leverage our “boots on the ground” forestry background and our Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) training to examine procurement, wood supply chain, or timberland management for control weaknesses....


Satellite Surveillance

Monitor your forest remotely using the latest satellite technology. Our newest tool assists remote landowners with monitoring their property without ever having to step foot on it. Using satellite images of your timberland and change management software, Dendro Resources Management will alert you to any activity on your property as soon changes on your property are detected. This service can be utilized with a monthly, weekly or daily subscription....


Latest News

Loading a timber harvest onto a truck

Timber Fraud: A Violation of Trust

Apr 19, 2021

Strong contracts help prevent fraud, and set conditions for payments. This Texas case demonstrates how a contract helped this landowner prosecute the timber harvester for fraud when he did not pay per agreement.

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Timber and logging truck on the road

Fraud; Embezzlement in the Trucking Industry

Feb 24, 2021

In and out of the timber industry, COVID-19 has increased trucking fraud opportunities. In this article, we review case studies of fraud in the general trucking and timber so we may be alert to prevent it.

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Consider your ethics as a forester.

Situational Ethics for Consulting Foresters

Jan 25, 2021

As a consulting forester, you're faced with many situations where your ethics must be superior. How would you handle situations which call for transparency? How do you manage sales to your clients?

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My trees have been felled and I can't get paid

Trees Felled, But Where's My money?

Nov 24, 2020

Help, my trees have fallen, and I can’t get paid! Sad but true tale of how a landowner was defrauded by a logger. What can be done to prevent this type of trickery? How do you protect your assets? Learn how in our post.

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Blue skies and pine trees

Technology & the Future of Timber Security

Oct 29, 2020

New technology to secure timber and provide a chain of transparency from forest through production, based on blockchain, is now a proof of concept by ForesTrust, LLC in conjunction with IBM.

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Photo Credit: Thanks to Sergey Turkin for sharing their work on Unsplash.

FRA Timber Security Webinar

Sep 03, 2020

Aaron Gilland, CFE, ACF, founder and President of Dendro Resource Management was one of the panelists for a timber security webinar presented by Forest Resources Association.

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