Risk Assessment for Forest Industry

Do you know your risk?

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Forest at the edge of a cliff

Are your operations low risk?

No one’s are. Find out where you’re vulnerable.

Operational Risk Assessment

An overview of the operations of any forest industry company is to identify the business control environment. Once the controls are identified they can be tested and verified to assure management that controls are limiting theft and fraud within any organization. Any week controls identified will with management’s assistance be enhanced or modified to limit any possible theft and fraud.

Any operational risk assessment can be tailored to your organizations needs but items covered include:

  1. Evaluating the budgeting and yearly planning procedures.
  2. Sampling and reviewing the timber sale procedures.
  3. Reviewing timber security systems utilized.
  4. Testing the reconciliation processes.
  5. Interviewing operational personnel.
  6. Evaluate the business control environment in the fiber supply chain.
  7. Observe wood scaling procedures and exception reporting processes.
  8. Testing the inventory procedures.
  9. Interviewing operational personnel Risk Assessment Procedure.

With years of experience working in the forest audit service industry, our team of experts is well-versed with all aspects of forest operations. So, whether your company is looking for simple guidance on how to secure the forest assets, advice on how to improve business processes to minimize risk or full-fledged assistance in devising and implementing a secure supply chain, Dendro Resource Management Inc. is capable of handling it all.

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